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Who we are

4clippingpath.com limited fastest growing IT firm in Bangladesh. Over the last few months, we have successfully completed some of the very prestigious projects.

We have also, earned immense appreciation and confidence of our clients. Relatively educated and highly skilled team, dedicated to deliver the optimized solution to the clients using all the latest technologies are our main strength. We use our strength to Expand the KPI values in your business. To know more details about our firm, contact me directly

Md. Moniruzzaman
System Admin and Executive Director
4clippingpath.com pvt. limited
Email: 4clippingpath@gmail.com
Phone: +88 01719208689

Where we are

Our production site is situated at a low labor cost region Bangladesh and Nepal; we also have a management team in the Canada, which is especially concerned to provide the best possible customer service. Internet has brought us that facility to work with team together, like in the same office, while actually in different countries. Taking that maximum advantage of low labor cost region and with Canada based management team; we are able to provide incredibly low cost services and high quality customer support all over the world.

  • What you get:

    • You always get the best service, one that is fast and hassle free.
    • Clipping paths, photo masking, Photoshop retouching are just a few of the services you can get with The SaaDo Clipping Path.
    • You are from America, UK, Canada, Japan, Australia or Russia. It doesn’t matter where you are because our team of graphic designers is there for you any time of the day, any day of the year......and you know the price you pay will be the best.
    • More than 200 expert in house professionals are available for you.
    • Any of the services you will expect from a graphic studio at the reach of a click. The SaaDo Clipping path included, of course.
    • Get responses within one hour; no matter when you send your request, there’s always someone at the other end.
    • At The SaaDo Clipping Path we use the latest graphic design software to ensure you always get the best results.
    • Pay only after you are happy with the work. We are risk free.

Based in the Canada and servicing the entire world, The SaaDo Clipping Path always wants to welcome you as a new client. “We are proud of receiving many referrals, and that is the best guarantee we can give you.

Clipping Path is about making your business day easier, and getting you the best results so you too can feel proud.

Our Team Members

Outsourcing your image editing, clipping paths and Photoshop retouching means you will be looking for design specialists; you will need assurance that your images are in safe, reliable hands, and quality is of the utmost importance...
Look no further: the TSD-CP team of professionals is waiting to meet you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week...
The great thing about this dedicated team is that all are experts in different fields, working in separate shifts:

    • Basic Clipping Path

    • Sample Clipping Path

    • Compound Clipping Path

    • Extra Clipping Path

    • Complex Clipping Path

    • Super Complex Clipping Path

    • Multiple Clipping Path

    • Clipping Path with Background Knockout

    • Clipping Path with Drop Shadow

    • Clipping Path with Reflection Shadow

    • Clipping Path with Soft Shadow

    • Clipping Path with Mirror Effect

    • Color Correction Masking

    • Layer Masking

    • Transparency Masking

    • Translucent Masking

    • Photo Retouching

    • Photo Restoration

    • Image Manipulation

    • Image Enhancing

    • Image Brightening

    • Image Darkness

    • Photo Raster to Vector

    • Photo Vector to Raster

Shift work is extended until a job is complete, with computer facilities at TSD-CP to allow for this overlap. Each specialist works within their specific area of expertise, completing a batch of images as one job. In this way there is consistency in output, maintaining top level quality. Image processing at TSD-CP meets the demands of the professional graphic world with impeccable standards, combined with a welcoming approach. Professionals can have their own ‘remote’ photo editing studio where they can send any amount of images, any day of the year from any corner in the world.

Move the pointer left or right to see the befor and after view of the image

"A clipping path (or "deep etch"[1]) is a closed vector path, or shape, used to cut out a 2D image in image editing software. Anything inside the path will be included after the clipping path is applied; anything outside the path will be omitted from the output. "

From: Wikipedia TheSaaDo

Move the pointer left or right to see the befor and after view of the image

"A compound path results from the combination of multiple paths (inclusive and exclusive) and the Boolean operations that ultimately determine what the combined path contains."

From: Wikipedia TheSaaDo